Terms of Service


You must agree to the terms below to donate / use the services. You must understand using these service / donation means that you are most likely not getting a refund unless following the procedure below.

The Panel

"The service", "The panel", "This panel" refers to this donation platform on this specific domain and may not be confused as something else.   

Community name

"Us", "We", "Our", "The community" all refers to Community name as a group, as a community. We are not responsible for any mistakes you may have made with our service. Who May use the services

 You must agree to the terms below to donate / use the services. You must understand using these service / donation means that you are most likely not getting a refund unless following the procedure below.


We do not offer refunds unless the Owners agree that you get one because of the reason / evidence shown. Or transfer your donation to another server under the Revival Servers. Otherwise refunds are not a thing. If you do refund something without talking to a Owner you will get a community ban from all the serves in revival servers unless changed by a Owner.

Getting removed from your donation

If you abuse your donation or break a rule that is directed to your donation you can be removed from it by the Manager of the server unless overruled by a director+. (Example) “if you abuse your donated rocket launcher and was asked multiple to stop you can be removed from your donation.” If you are inactive for 2 months or more from the server the Manager can consult with a director to remove your donation / remove you from the donation.

Donating for a server that hasn’t been released yet / if it gets cancels

If you donate for a server that hasn’t gotten released yet you may not refund your donation if you are unhappy with the server not being released on the day you wanted it to. You’re able to transfer your donation to a different server. If so contact a director to get a hold of a Community Owner / Co-owner to transfer your donation. If the server you donate for and later on they stop working on it you can also ask for a transfer to another revival server.

Selling characters / things to other players

You are not allowed to sell your donation to another person / sell it like as a auction house. You are not allowed to sell/trade money to player to player ingame. (Example) “You have a 2lt on vietnam and you want to sell it to someone or trade it for money or a rank. So jack sells his 2lt character to alex for 50 dollars” this isn’t aloud what so ever.

Donating without reading the description

Donating for something that requires you to do something first will means that you talk to an Owner to transfer your payment to another server / thing or you will not get it. (Example) “It saying custom regiment 100 dollars must contact Manager first.” If you just donate for it before discussing with the Manger your donation will not count unless you talk to the Manager about what you want after and it was agreed upon but if not you will have to transfer your donation.

Finding a glitch or a problem

If you find a glitch or a problem with the donation please contact a Director+ what the glitch or problem is. If you abuse the glitch / problem you will be responsible for the consequences that will be given to you. If there was a glitch / mistake we made on the donation you will be assigned a refund or donation transfer. (Example) “A donation that's normally 60 we put on the donation for 6 we will give you a choice to refund it or pay the rest of the actual amount and get your donation that you paid for but there was a mistake.”

Terminating / changing the terms of service

 If terminating / don’t agree with the terms of service and you donate you still have to follow them or your donation could be canceled. Copying terms or donations will result in a warning. These terms may change / be updated over time.

Not wanting your donation / leaving the community

 If you end up leaving the community / not wanting your donation anymore it doesn’t mean you can just refund your donation if you do there will be large consequences / being banned from all revival servers and maybe more.

Breaking these terms

Breaking a term has a different consequence but some are worse than others. The worse thing you can do is do a refund without talking with an Owner and the Owner not agreeing on it. It can cause you to get a perma community ban through all the revival servers. You are responsible for the service you payed for. If you break the terms of service the consequences will fall open you.

Customer support

 If your donation has a problem or something in the server was removed and your donation needs changing contact the manager of the server first to see if he agrees with the changes. Then goto a director to get it verified to be added to the server. (Example) “TFA weapons were removed from vietnam and you owned a regiment. Most of the weapons on the classes are gone now. If that happens contact a Manager about it and what you wanted to be replaced with your weapons.” If you want to change something about your donation contact your Manager first to see if he/she agrees with the dissection. Than after agrees you contact a Director to see if the Director agrees as well. Most the time they won't let you change your donation unless there is a reason to “ like wanting to add more weapons or add more hp most the time they will deny it unless you are willing to pay more to add to your donation.”

Any question or things that aren’t listed here talk to the Manager of the server that you are wanting to donate for or a Director+ but follow chain of command so don't go straight to a Owner without reason or you will get in trouble.